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Grounds for optimism

Coffee is part of the daily routine for millions, but in these health-conscious days the question has to be asked – is coffee good for you, or bad? Over the past year coffee drinkers have been told that they may be cutting their stroke risk, protecting against superbugs, staving off dementia and Alzheimer’s disease and […]

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Get a taste of sustainability

Demand for sustainability-sourced coffee is up and one company is looking to meet that demand while raising living standards for farmers Sustainability is important for everyone. After all, our future is at stake. In order to be able to make a substantial contribution to sustainability, UTZ Certified has adopted a practical approach, working together with […]

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Thinkers and drinkers

 If you think coffee is simply something to perk us up in the morning think again. It has inspired some great artists to new heights of creativity A link between coffee and the arts? Surely not. Coffee is for doctors and train drivers and City brokers who need to keep going in possession of their […]

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Coffee special – Love the bean

  Approximately 70m cups of coffee are consumed in the UK each day; not bad for a nation of tea drinkers. We explore what coffee is all about for those who make, sell, buy and drink it. We look at the impact the beverage has had on our health, culture, eating habits and lifestyle. Distributed […]

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Pensions – Can you afford to retire?

With £120 billion wiped off the value of pensions in the recent financial turmoil, a happy retirement increasingly remote for many of us. Our report helps readers approaching retirement navigate their way through the uncertainty. With careful financial planning, you can still be looking forward to the best years of your life. Distributed with The […]

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