Time to say goodbye

Ease the distress of your family when the time comes by planning ahead and arranging the funeral you want, today

In 1789 Benjamin Franklin wrote that ‘in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes’ – a phrase that still rings true today, and yet so few of us plan our own funeral or choose our own burial space. It may be only when you are faced with the task of making funeral arrangements for a loved one that it occurs to you to make plans for yourself, and even then very few of us follow it through.

Death is not a topic that is easy to discuss with either family or friends, but having to plan a funeral for someone without knowing their wishes is extremely difficult and is often a source of stress for years after the event.

Our Woodland Burial Parks are tranquil and beautiful places where burials, ash interments and ash scatterings take place beneath mature trees. Plots can be selected adjacent to relatives or under the same tree, allowing families to create an area from which their legacy can develop. This may not always be possible in other cemeteries if pre-purchase is not an option and out-of-area fees make it financially impractical, while capacity issues limit plot availability. It is the peace of mind given by making these arrangements, as well as the hope of lessening the burden on those left behind, that encourages people to choose their own plot – even when they are in the best of health.

We offer an instalment plan for plots, with varying periods of repayment. The plot is reserved from the date the initial deposit/ payment is received and the purchase price is held at the level agreed at that point. Individuals who have made a pre-need purchase tell us how important it is to them that they have personally chosen and paid for their plot in advance – securing it at today’s prices in times of decreasing burial space – and taking away the stress of the person making the final arrangements.

The parks all have a mature woodland landscape, providing a haven for wildlife. The woodland managers and their teams work to long-term management plans that seek to restore neglected plantation sites to broadleaf woodlands, high in biodiversity. The beautiful timber buildings at each site offer a range of facilities, providing a convenient venue for either religious or secular services. A two-hour time slot is offered as standard, ensuring that each family has sufficient time to celebrate a life – an option not always offered by the standard 30 minutes available at most crematoria.

Each park runs a varied programme of entertainment and educational events throughout the year

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