Let us take the stress out of pests

Established and enthusiastic team ensures that pests – from mice to moths – are eradicated in a safe and effective way

Rokill Pest Control was established in 1980 and is proud to have held the Queen’s royal warrant for pest control since 1999. Interestingly, two of the earliest royal warrants awarded were for mole taking and rat catching in 1789.

Pest control is an essential background service that almost everyone will require at some point in their lives to eradicate pests such as wasps, mice, cat fleas or clothes moths from the home. In the workplace most companies have a legal obligation to ensure pest-free premises for the safety of their staff and customers and also to protect their reputation.

Rokill has a specialist bird proofing division to provide a national service installing humane deterrents to prevent pigeons and other pest birds roosting and defacing buildings. The teams have worked on premises ranging from high street retailers to prestigious listed buildings and monuments, and in all cases their work is guaranteed to be effective and discreet.

Rokill’s approach involves total commitment. When required, teams will often work through the night to complete treatments in sensitive or high-risk areas. The range of premises covered includes supermarkets, hospitals, restaurants and military projects, notably HMS Invincible. This attention to detail results in treatment successes where other companies have failed.

Rokill directors Alec McQuin and Chris Turner are confident about the future of the company. He says: “Pest control is a people business and success relies on well-motivated individuals communicating effectively to work as a focused team. The energy, enthusiasm, and commitment from our office and field-based staff ensures that our service is professional, safe, effective and discreet. Our award-winning graduate field biologists provide a technical troubleshooting service of the highest quality. Recently they have been particularly busy advising the hospitality industry on the management and treatment of bedbugs as infestations are currently on the increase throughout the UK.”

Rokill has a proven track record, established over 30 years for delivering consistently high standards of pest and bird control.

Call 0800 7830 011 or visit www.rokill.co.uk

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