Here’s how to stop worrying about your retirement finances

Investors Chronicle recommends RetireEasy in their Tips of the Year 2012

“If you have a large budget, you could get a chartered financial planner to do a holistic portfolio review,” says Moira O’Neill from Investors Chronicle.

“Alternatively, a cheaper service is available from The online software programme enables you to input all your financial details. It then models whether, with different inflation or investment outcomes, your money will last you for whatever time period you choose.”

RetireEasy was developed by someone with a long career in finance, and who faced the dilemma of not knowing when the money would run out.

Richard Collinson, CEO of RetireEasy, says: “I could easily prepare spreadsheets showing where I was at a given point – with known interest rates, historic stock market performance and fixed outgoings.

“But in a time of great volatility, I needed something far more flexible. I wanted to make the very most of my retirement years by being sure that I had enough money put aside for the lifestyle I wanted to lead.”

Collinson called in retirement experts and computer programmers, and told them what he and millions of others need to give us peace of mind. The result is an easy-to-use programme where you feed in all of your assets, incomes and outgoings, allow for future scenarios – such as inheritances, downsizing or gifts to family – and receive a precise picture of how your assets will fare. Tax rates are built-in and automatically updated.

By varying the parameters – such as interest rates and stock market performance – you can get the reassurance you were looking for and plan your future. If you spot potential shortfalls, you can take advice or preventative action well ahead of time.

Bring your finances and your future under your control.

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