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Bibliophile’s Corner. A Will To Murder by Hilary Thomson

When wealthy and eccentric patriarch James Boyle dies a peculiar death, the DA declines to investigate, convinced that the victim died of natural causes. Yet even the police are stunned when members of the Boyle family gather at the estate of Rollingwood for the reading of James’ will – and begin to die, one at […]

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In Honor of “Older Americans” Month – Happy 80th Birthday, Mom

Alissa Searcy May is “Older Americans” month, and the theme for 2012 is “It’s never too late to play”.   Today happens to be my mother’s 80th birthday, but she is too busy to “play”.   She is the CFO of a 40-year old family-owned business, and she is one busy woman.  My father is just as […]

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A matter of taste

Stephanie Sparrow takes the orders from some celebrity sandwich fans for their favourite bread-and-butter treats  

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Get Up and Go – Sandwich Special

This Get up and go special celebrates 250 years of the sandwich – born in Britain and enjoyed around the world. Read about the history of our favourite snack, top chefs including Gary Rhodes put a fresh spin on old favourites, and we show you new and healthy ways to transform the humble sarnie. Distributed […]

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Sandwich Islands

When in Sandwich, do as the sandwichers do

What do Sandwich dwellers eat? We take a trip to three towns named after the famous snack. It may be 60 miles from the spot where the Earl of Sandwich reputedly ordered a snack and changed the course of food history, but the picturesque Kent town of Sandwich has a claim to being the home […]

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Bite into a birthday

Bring out the bunting – it’s the anniversary of the invention of the sandwich! Residents of the Kent town of Sandwich are planning to host a very special birthday party. And it’s fair to say they’ll be celebrating the event with some relish. This weekend (12-13 May) the Sandwich Celebration will mark the creation of […]

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world on a plate

World on a plate

From the fluffernutter to the tramezzini, food historian Bee Wilson dishes up a mouthwatering A-Z of sandwiches worldwide Bacon Buttie (also known as bacon sanger, bacon sarnie,piece ’n’ bacon) – Origin: British but also now beloved in Canada, Australia, New Zealand. This apparently basic sandwich inspires heated debate over the correct components. Streaky or back? […]

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Our daily bread

Our daily bread

More people work in the UK’s commercial sandwich industry than in agriculture. How did the nation’s snack of choice take over the world? Bee Wilson fills us in… Few people try to tickle the taste buds of Michel Roux Jr on MasterChef with a humble sandwich, and a good old-fashioned doorstep sarnie is unlikely to […]

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A bit of all white?

It’s a sandwich – but not as we know it. Whether it’s to help our health or to ring the changes, many of us are starting to look beyond slices of the traditional family loaf at lunchtime. Does the sandwich always have to be made from bread? A growing awareness of food intolerances and the quest […]

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Roll on another 250 years

Roll on another 250 years

Here’s a British tradition that’s worth making a meal over. Get ready for the summer of the sandwich… Happy birthday to the great British sandwich! The ultimate convenience food is 250 years old this week, and there is much to celebrate as this supplement will demonstrate. Said to have been created as a bread-and-meat combination […]

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