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Bibliophile’s Corner. Trade Winds to Meluhha by Vasant Davé

In ancient Mesopotamia Samasin the stable boy is falsely convicted of murder. When a double eclipse saves his life he flees his homeland in search of a man whose name the dying victim whispered to him. With murderers eager to protect their crime network on his heels Samasin faces an adventure of his life. I […]

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Bibliophile’s Corner. Curbcheck by Zach Fortier.

From the testimonials: “Curbcheck chronicles the experiences of a police officer as he transitions from a new boot with challenging life experiences to a salty veteran who has been baptized into the dark side of reality by countless hours on the street.” This is a story of law and order uncensored. We watch crime shows […]

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Bibliophile’s Corner. The Artist of Disappearance by Anita Desai

Award-winning, internationally acclaimed author Anita Desai ruminates on art and memory, illusion and disillusion, and the sharp divide between life’s expectations and its realities in three perfectly etched novellas. Set in India in the not-too-distant past, the stories’ dramas illuminate the ways in which Indian culture can nourish or suffocate. All are served up with […]

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This Life, Lesley Garrett

The straight-talking diva from Donny on classical girl power, Botox and why she would still strip off on stage in her sixth decade. Lesley Garrett is one of those women who, when they say they are comfortable in their body, you really believe that they mean it. Chatty, cheerful and busy with a string of […]

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Time to take control

The Queen, thank goodness, has her health and, with one or two scares apart, so too has Prince Philip. But other families with elderly relatives in their 80s and 90s aren’t so fortunate. For them, there is the anguish of seeing parents or other family members suffer badly in their old age – poor health, […]

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Create a legacy that grows

Create a legacy that grows

Investing in forestry is becoming increasingly popular, providing a regular income for your family and environmental benefits for now and for future generations Investing for your children and grandchildren is often regarded as one of the most important decisions you can make in life. As the cost of living continues to spiral out of control, […]

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Hunt with highest calibre

For over 30 years, top-quality bespoke guns have been crafted for customers, from keen shots to Prince William When an accomplished shot wishes to buy a gun, they naturally look for the highest level of craftsmanship. That often means the name of Michael Lingard comes into the frame. Michael Lingard holds the royal warrant as […]

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See it to believe it

Cataracts affect 60 per cent of over-60s. But a pioneering surgery offers a safer, more effective alternative to cataract removal Jonathan Hatley has struggled with poor eyesight since the onset of cataracts – but a revolutionary approach to eye surgery changed everything. Hatley is a fit and active 70 year-old. He is a keen skier […]

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Get Up & Go – Royal Warrants

Diamond Jubilee, Elizabeth II Distributed in The Sunday Telegraph, June 3rd   [issuu documentid=120602153814-81d2007dd1ae497bae1b84236a33fe0e docname=royalwarrantspdf username=Lyonsdown loadinginfotext=Royal%20Warrants width=610 height=400 unit=px]   Download PDF

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Residence of royalty

No need to curtsey but towns and counties with royal associations do offer elegant and sophisticated surroundings for older homebuyers The bunting is up, the tables are out and the celebrations are in full swing – and there’s a way you can enjoy a royal life far beyond this summer’s diamond jubilee street parties. The […]

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