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British interior design is even bigger news than before in this jubilee year.

Houses of Parliament for your wall

British style is big news, and nowhere more so than in interior design. “There is plenty of interest in British style from overseas,” says Melanie Adams, wallpaper specialist at decorators’ merchant Brewers.

“When we introduced our London Life wallpaper (£28 a roll) – a contemporary toile showing landmarks such as the Houses of Parliament – our first online order was from New Zealand.”

Colour schemes are similarly patriotic. “We recently analysed customers’ colour choices,” says Adams. “Red has become really popular, partly because they are matching it with white and blue.”

Britain is still seen as a world leader in wallpaper manufacture. “Output from our factories is in demand around the world,” says Adams. “Places such as China trust us with quality. And they are also excited about the royal celebrations.”

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