What they said

Our round-up of who said what last month

“I’m every inch the 57-year-old wife, mum and academic, half-proud of her wrinkles, her crow’s feet, even her hunched shoulders from all those misspent years poring over a library desk” – writing in the Daily Mail, Mary Beard, academic and TV presenter, responds to criticism of her appearance by TV writer AA Gill.
“We will never see on camera faces like Bette Davis’s any more… There was a proper life story there, but none of the young actresses now will ever let themselves look like that” – Frances Barber, 54 mourns the disappearance from the screen of mature features. She is, nevertheless, saving up for a facelift, she told Radio Times

I am not sure that digging in our past guilts is a useful occupation for the very old, given that one can do so little about them – writer Diana Athill, 94, Twitter, @DianaAthill (mediated by her great-nephew).


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