Finding the funds for costly care

Paying for care home fees when you could be entitled to funding is frustrating – now you can ensure you get the help you deserve

Are you or a family member paying care home fees? Have you ever wondered why some people pay care home fees and others don’t?

When an individual is deemed to have a primary health need they will have all their care home fees funded entirely by the NHS, known as NHS Continuing Healthcare funding.

Care Home Funding Investigators acts as an advocacy service, to assist individuals who consider themselves having been wrongly denied access to CHC funding.

The decision whether to award this funding or not is based on the NHS assessor’s expert opinion on the extent of the individual’s needs. Needs are considered in 12 domains with further consideration in respect to the individual’s nature, intensity, complexity and unpredictability of those presenting needs.

If they are deemed to be of a high level then the individual may be considered to have a primary health need. In which case they should be awarded CHC, funded solely by the NHS, irrespective of where they are.

One of the directors of Care Home Funding Investigators, Bill Wilson says: “Some time ago I became involved in the process to overturn the decision to deny CHC funding for an elderly relative. I found the whole process completely absorbing and I know just how frustrating and unfair the decision not to be considered eligible can feel.” Many of the families we deal with echo these sentiments and often comment that during the CHC assessment meeting, “it felt like everyone was talking about somebody else”.

Which? magazine stated: “With as much as £50,000 at stake, it’s vital that those who need NHS CHC funding get it.” However, Which? research from 2011 reveals access varies, depending on where you live – in other words, a postcode lottery.

In our experience most families struggle to meet the cost of care, resulting in money having to be used from lifelong savings, pension entitlements and many experience the trauma of selling the family home.

Care Home Funding Investigators is not a legal firm, nor is it a claims company.

Wilson says: “In our opinion the process to overturn the decision to deny funding is not primarily a legal one, it’s about identifying the true care needs of our clients and presenting an evidence based case to support their claim.” He went on to say:“We work very closely with families, often supporting them at the assessment meetings,” adding, “now that the Department of Health has announced a time deadline for un-assessed cases, we are seeing a significant increase in enquiries.

“We have highly experienced, expert nurses on hand, who formulate extremely detailed evidence-based ‘needs portrayals’ or comprehensive reports which, in our opinion, form the pivotal element of a client’s case.”

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