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Invasive treatment to revive your vision can be a thing of the past thanks to a new lens replacement surgery

Mrs Heather Dixey, 71, lives in Christchurch, Dorset. She spends much of her time walking her Iberian Hound on the beaches of Dorset and in the New Forest. Before retirement she was a practice manager for a large GP surgery. She developed problems with her eyes at 60, being diagnosed with low pressure glaucoma and cataracts in both her eyes.

She was administered eye drops to control her glaucoma, but faced a dilemma of how to rectify her cataracts which were causing her sight to deteriorate. She was not keen to have traditional cataract surgery as she had been told that this could exacerbate her condition.?Heather read an article in a newspaper about Light Adjustable Lens replacement surgery, and how this can be performed with a new bladeless laser technique, the Femtosecond Laser. She made an appointment for a consultation at the London Eye Hospital in Harley Street, which is the World’s leading centre for the Light Adjustable Lens, and the first eye hospital in the UK to perform this with the new Femtosecond Laser procedure.

The Light Adjustable Lens is a replacement eye lens which is painlessly adjusted by beams of laser after it is inserted into the eye, which can give perfect vision at near and far. As it is a replacement lens, it does not deteriorate like a natural lens, so once implanted, a person’s vision will stay constant for life.

This, combined with the accuracy of the femtosecond laser and the avoidance of using traditional blades or needles, persuaded Mrs Dixey to proceed with the laser cataract surgery.

She recently underwent this pioneering treatment at the London Eye Hospital and it went exactly as planned. She has just one final check-up left to go and she is delighted with the results. “It’s just fantastic!” she says, “I can see everything now, close up and at distance. Unlike before, I don’t feel like I’m going to fall over at any time now as the ‘lace curtain’ effect of the cataracts has vanished, and I can see everything at the beach. The morning after the surgery my eyesight was amazing and I’ve got virtually 20/20 vision now! Mr Qureshi from the London Eye Hospital is totally professional, and the team at Harley Street is excellent.”

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