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Time to take control

The Queen, thank goodness, has her health and, with one or two scares apart, so too has Prince Philip. But other families with elderly relatives in their 80s and 90s aren’t so fortunate. For them, there is the anguish of seeing parents or other family members suffer badly in their old age – poor health, […]

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Positive steps

101-year-old Fauja Singh, who recently ran his eighth London Marathon, believes longevity is in the genes – but keeping fit helps Longevity, says Fauja Singh, runs in his family. His grandfather and other relatives sailed past the 100- year mark and Singh himself is, by his own reckoning, 101 (birth certificates were in short supply […]

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Go nuts for magnesium

In the first of a new feature on nutrition for older people, Vicky Pennington looks at the role of magnesium in our diets Magnesium is a hidden gem of a mineral. It is key to helping energy levels and bone health, especially as we age when our bones naturally begin to weaken. It also helps us […]

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A bit of all white?

It’s a sandwich – but not as we know it. Whether it’s to help our health or to ring the changes, many of us are starting to look beyond slices of the traditional family loaf at lunchtime. Does the sandwich always have to be made from bread? A growing awareness of food intolerances and the quest […]

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You are what you eat

What’s in your sandwich? Manufacturers are following government guidelines and searching for the healthier option – without losing any of the taste. When choosing a sandwich, do you grab what appeals most, or do you scrutinise the nutrition information panel to see how many calories and how much fat it contains? A balanced decision about […]

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Spotting the signs

It’s an age-related digestive condition not everyone has heard of, but we all need to watch for the symptoms of potentially life-threatening diverticulitis In a bid to shake off a nagging pain in her stomach, Margaret Glanville headed to her usual exercise classes at the gym. A few hours later, she was in agony, running […]

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Drinking until you drop

Alcoholism in older people is a growing problem and it’s not just the drinker it affects – families need support and help, too, says Deborah Wain In his 40s, Keith* had had a brush with alcoholism, though both he and his family believed he had managed to escape its worst excesses. But as he neared […]

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A natural ending

Green funerals offer an eco-friendly alternative to traditional services When The Archers scriptwriters decide to call time on Ambridge stalwart Lynda Snell and her long-suffering husband, Robert, and send them to that great radio studio in the sky, their funerals will break new ground – literally. The Snells have reserved their place in the village’s […]

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Senior moment

I made a vow many years ago never to discuss my health with people younger than me. They don’t want to know. Why should they? It’s boring, dreary, unsettling. You can see them thinking, “He’s old, what does he expect . . .” I remember thinking the same when I was young, which of course […]

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A ray of hope

Eye problems can be terrifying as you get older, but new techniques and drug treatments mean that help is hand, suggests Deborah Wain During a shopping trip, Linda Davies noticed the vision in her right eye had clouded over, which she thought was caused by a stray eyelash. But what began as something seemingly innocuous […]

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