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The city that never sleeps: New York in 48 hours

The must-see list for New York first timers is vast: Times Square, the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Fifth Avenue – the list goes on. So having visited NYC more than a few times, I decided in my 48 hours in the city that never sleeps I would skip the most obvious tourist […]

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King of Cool 2: The Great Escape

But can a TV remake of The Great Escape do justice to McQueen and co?

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I’m certain that golf is the best game in the world to be bad at

“Golfing hacker” Peter Corrigan explains why he perseveres at golf – in spite of a handicap of 28.   The more haughty golfers tend to look down their noses at players like me because we are not very good at the game. They call us hackers on account of our progress around the course resembling […]

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Lincoln: a story of struggle, sacrifice and some success

  Abraham Lincoln’s fight to abolish slavery in America was cheated of an Oscar, says Peter Kervin.   First, a confession; I’m a hopeless geek when it comes to American presidents. I read about them, watch every documentary about them, and like to think I know a great deal about the inner and outer lives […]

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The marvel of Marrakech

Nina Reschovsky discovers the quaint post-colonial charm of the North African city.   “What does Morocco mean to an Englishman?” asked George Orwell in his 1939 essay about the country’s dazzling imperial capital, Marrakech. “Camels, castles, palm-trees, Foreign Legionnaires, brass trays and bandits,” he concluded. Although almost 75 years have passed since Orwell described the […]

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Gunning for greatness

Bespoke gunmaking is a craft appreciated by royals and the rest for centuries. We look at what the very best British gunsmiths have to offer Royal warrants recognise British tradition and craftsmanship – and nowhere is this more evident than in the production of fine sporting shotguns and rifles. The main centre of the trade […]

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Sandwich Islands

When in Sandwich, do as the sandwichers do

What do Sandwich dwellers eat? We take a trip to three towns named after the famous snack. It may be 60 miles from the spot where the Earl of Sandwich reputedly ordered a snack and changed the course of food history, but the picturesque Kent town of Sandwich has a claim to being the home […]

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Grow your own bookworm

Once upon a time, young minds were excited by the written word. With their grandparents’ help, the story can have a happy ending even in today’s multimedia world My favourite remark about reading came from a nine-year-old who’d just seen the movie version of CS Lewis’s The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. “It was […]

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Out & about

Our top tips will help you make the most of what’s going on around the country during the upcoming month By George! Celebrate England’s patron saint at the largest St George’s Day festival in the country at Wrest Park, Bedfordshire (21-22 April). The entertainment spans the centuries, from medieval jousting knights and soldiers of the […]

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A good read

Alexander McCall Smith created his 44 Scotland Street and Isabel Dalhousie novels using Edinburgh as a backdrop. Why is using real places so important to his fiction? We like stories to be located – if you don’t give someone a sense of place it is less engaging to the imagination. Once people know where they […]

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