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Bernard Gallacher: Back where he belongs

Bernard Gallacher enjoying life after his heart scare

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Bringing quality to later life

Award-winning care providers focus on choice and fulfilment. Quality, choice and fulfilment. These are the things we all want to preserve as we get older. At MHA, we have 70 years’ experience in supporting and caring for older people and are one of Britain’s largest charitable care providers, serving 16,000 older people nationwide. We see […]

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The marvel of Marrakech

Nina Reschovsky discovers the quaint post-colonial charm of the North African city.   “What does Morocco mean to an Englishman?” asked George Orwell in his 1939 essay about the country’s dazzling imperial capital, Marrakech. “Camels, castles, palm-trees, Foreign Legionnaires, brass trays and bandits,” he concluded. Although almost 75 years have passed since Orwell described the […]

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Why Her Majesty should invite Mirren to perform at Windsor

Theatreland: Roderick Gilchrist   Helen Mirren is no monarchist. Indeed she was in her revolutionary youth an avowed republican. Now she says she favours a slimmed down royal family while recognising the job the Queen has done for the nation. But I wonder if Her Majesty privately returns the compliment. It would be instructive to […]

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Why I have to make every second count

Football legend Sir Bobby Charlton speaks to Get up and go’s Alison Kervin about football, charity work and pitch invasions at the age of 75.   It was early evening and Sir Bobby Charlton was feeling a little ashamed. He folded himself into a large leather armchair and sighed. “Oh dear,” he said, reaching across […]

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How my father’s death showed me I was not as ruthless as I thought

My much-loved father died recently. He was 90, long-widowed, and had been an invalid since his stroke five years ago. The death of an elderly parent is a rite of passage for the middle-aged. We know it’s the natural course of events but dread it all the same, along with the onerous process of sorting […]

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David Bowie: The golden years of rock and roll

Whatever happened to live fast and die young?    Rock and roll was once a rebellion against adulthood, an ode to youth. In the 1965 song, My Generation, The Who’s Roger Daltrey famously sang: “I hope I die before I get old.” But, like many other rock stars of his day, Roger inevitably did get […]

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Interview: Herbie Kretzmer, Les Miserables scriptwriter

  “It all happened because I made small talk with Charles Aznavour”, Herbie Kretzmer tells Alison Kervin.   Anne Hathaway lifted her award for best supporting actress high into the air and thanked her fans for their continuing support, then swept off the stage clutching her Bafta to her chest. She smiled for the cameras, […]

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Make the most of later life

Abbeyfield’s mission to enhance the lives of older people. Gym facilities and personal training at a development for older people; whatever next? At Abbeyfield’s new, forward-thinking scheme in Girton, Cambridge, fitness is just one of the wellbeing activities on offer. The UK population now includes some 12,000 centenarians. There are more people aged over 60 […]

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Bringing history to life

Are you hooked on history? Clued up on culture? If so, then now is the time to share your passion and get a Blue Badge, says Caroline Roberts As a tourist guide, Rosalind Hutchinson spends her days bringing history to life. But she didn’t expect it to come quite so vividly to life as it […]

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