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Time to take control

The Queen, thank goodness, has her health and, with one or two scares apart, so too has Prince Philip. But other families with elderly relatives in their 80s and 90s aren’t so fortunate. For them, there is the anguish of seeing parents or other family members suffer badly in their old age – poor health, […]

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Feathering their nests

This spring we’ve all seen adult birds flying themselves ragged with non-stop feeding of the fledglings in the nest. That thought brings to mind today’s young parents, struggling to cope with the continuous financial demands of their children. Enter grandparents with assistance ranging from informal childcare to structured investment and savings schemes designed specifically for children. If […]

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Back to the drawing board, George

A slap in the face is what Chancellor George Osborne has given some five million pensioners in general and this column in particular. Last month I urged him to look hard at age allowances and see how they could be improved for our generation. Well, the answer came loud and clear in last month’s Budget. […]

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The generation game

Older and wiser – and taken for granted. I think that fairly sums up our generation. Taken for granted by everyone from our children upwards to the government and definitely including the financial services industry. Having had to pay mortgage interest of up to 15 per cent for our home loans back in the 1970s, […]

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Travel insurance you could bank on

It’s that time of year – no-one can escape the advertisements, supplements and features about holidays and travel. The holiday rotas are beginning to appear in the workplace and dates of school holidays are already pencilled in. If you’re retired and not governed by the work or domestic diary, holidays can be taken as and […]

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